Who (or What) Is a Sufi? Sufism is, first of all, a series of “not’s” – not a religion, not a philosophy, not even a mysticism, as that word is usually conceived. It’s best to call Sufism a way of experiencing reality as love itself (through the heart). At times a classical Sufi tradition contains a very strong emphasis on the divine unity of all life. In this view, the whole creation came into existence to express the unlimited, sacred qualities through all beings.

Sufism teaches us to let go of our own limiting concepts and helps us open our hearts to a wider dimension of truth. Sufism has been the single greatest transformer for many of us on this beautiful path called life. Sufism brings the element of heart, love, and connection with/to Source in ways that are unique. As we’ve said often, it’s an accessory to the outfit and not the suit itself. Meaning, Sufism can be used as a compliment to any spiritual path. Sufism, at its core, brings softness, realness, and clarity to/with the heart that is undeniable.