Who We Are

We are a Spiritual home offering progressive programs for people looking for a deeper understanding and experience of the mystery of life.

The One Center Austin

At The One Center you will find caring and dedicated teachers, practitioners, and healers who teach and live by the message of love, unity, and freedom. Our programs and services are based on the core principles that approaching life from a non-dualistic perspective, a sense of connection to all that IS, and an acceptance of personal worthiness are necessary for anyone wanting a healthy, free, spiritual, and vibrant life. Our programs are designed for all those who are hungry for more truth, alignment, and heart expansion. Come get on the freedom train and experience a new creation with us!

TOCA was founded in 2012 and created in response to the larger calling for universal transformation and Oneness. As a collective consciousness we have asked for things to be different and now we are witnessing the very manifestation we have called for. Our desires have always been to want more, to experience more, and to BE more. And The One Center wants to share in that experience with YOU. We all live in a masterful container where love is accessible all day, every day. We are the Universe Sandbox in real time, where you use your imagination to create opportunities to explore your freedom. The One Center is an urban oasis where the sandbox is our playground, where interaction and consciousness occurs.

The foundation of The One Center originated from the core belief that a singular pursuit was no longer the ideal path! Our collective consciousness and connection on all levels (self, other, animal, plants, Earth) is the next step in our universal development. Opening the Heart, Expanding the Mind, and Healing the Body together leads to what WE already know: WE are the water, the river, the essence, the breath, and Source within everything.