Dianne Hamda Shelton

Leading the way with compassion and joy, Dianne combines the sacred with the mundane in all areas of practice. She has a powerful way of integrating and delivering the spiritual traditions of Sufism, shamanism, and other metaphysical paths to her clients and audience. Dianne has the uncanny ability to direct energy so that others are awakened to their authentic nature.

Her presence, when shared with others, is a potent life force energy containing the deep compassionate love. This allows her to merge the healing arts of Somatic Experiencing and spiritual leadership to teach and serve others so they experience the benefits of healing and integrating body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

Dianne is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a master Sufi teacher, holding a MS in Organizational Leadership and Ethics. She brings unbridled joy, dazzling energy, and strong intuitive skills to The One Center, serving with ecstatic passion and heart while remaining grounded and centered in the body. As a co-founder and co-owner of The One Center, Dianne is curious about living life with an open heart and a clear mind, full of laughter and excitement.

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