Light Within

Spring is a beautiful time for new beginnings as we have the opportunity to experience the exquisite complexity of natural life along with the resurrection of self. In modern culture, we celebrate a New Year in January (or February for the Chinese New Year); however, I find that spring is when my body, heart, mind, and soul fall into a natural rhythm of mirroring nature. There is something very sweet and delicate when the interior workings of our soul begin to bud, grow, and become visible like fruit trees flowering, withstanding the extremes of weather from unseasonable heat to severe storms followed by the late season cold fronts. The light from within is always present, even if at times, it appears hidden from sight. As we mature in our spiritual walking, we know that life provides many opportunities to prune away old patterns, similar to Texas storms creating debris. After the storms, we survey the damage, clean up, and move on with our lives with gratitude for the majesty of nature, for the miracle of life, and for our own strength to carry on and to shine on with the light and power divinely manifesting from the jewels of our heart.

If you are interested in connecting and learning more about your inner light, join us at The One Center for our spring programming.

With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda