Got Grit?

What is grit? Grit is typically defined as a positive trait based on an individual’s passion for a long-term goal, with focused, powerful intention to achieve the objective. It is having strength and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and challenges. Grit is knowing you got a few things perhaps stacked against you and still moving forward with a determination to succeed. Grit is mental toughness (disciplined thought) and emotional resiliency. Grit is not about being stubborn but rather it is about letting go of what is not working and having the ability to shift focus and master the moment of possibilities.

Athletes, entrepreneurs, and yes, even spiritual seekers have grit. Grit is a necessary ingredient for manifesting thoughts into things. It is not so much about doing as much as it is about being so laser-focused on feeling better that you will remain true to your soul and follow your bliss. Your bliss, dreams, desires, and feeling better is all that matters. Not allowing others to detour you from your passion takes iron determination.

If you want the suck the marrow out of life, it is yours to have! Staying heart-felt and focused on your thoughts, how you feel about your thoughts, and how your actions keep you on your path takes a focused intensity that when practiced on a daily basis becomes almost effortless. Let nothing stand in the way of your well-being and the greater potential of all that is amazing!

Stay gritty my friends!