Full Moon Musings

The lunar influences of the past several days leading up to last night’s full moon have found me embodying my divine destiny in a more meaningful and direct way. What does that mean in real language? It means that the astrological-gravitational forces that have been influencing (and tongue in cheek)and harassing all of humanity have personally awaken my inner passion. I am standing in full intention, listening to the inner rhythms of my own heart-felt, soul desires. The time is NOW and the action is BE-ing.

I have been observing and witnessing many folks learning how to walk in their own personal truth, uplifting with purpose and destiny, leading the way that is best for their soul. The craving, (and yes, it is a craving) for more joy, more openness, more love while being more authentic, more real, more alive is part of the great awakening that started back in 2012. See, the world did not end per se as the Mayans predicted; instead, the old paradigms and stern rigidity of how things “should be” have now been replace by new and more flexible realities of how things just exist for the pure beauty and joy of BE-ing. Each and every one of us is a perfect and unique creation of this Universe. Our soulful purpose is to love. Our way forward is by aligning first with our hearts and then feeling our way towards connection. Our mission is joy. We all have a unique way of expressing our destiny. There is no “one” way. There are gurus, teachers, guides, and masters that can help you discover the secrets of your heart and soul; however, it is your will, desire, and passion that will move you forward on your journey. No one can do your work. No one can live your destiny. Seize the energetic lunar illumination of this full moon and feed your soul!

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With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda