The One Center Austin, founded in 2012, is a spiritual home for Opening the Heart, Expanding the Mind, and Healing the Body. Its founders are caring and dedicated teachers, practitioners, and healers who teach and live by the message of love, unity, leading-edge wisdom, and the potential for complete healing. Our programs and services are based on the core principles that love, a sense of connection, and an acceptance of personal worthiness are necessary for anyone wanting a healthy, spiritual, and vibrant life.

Is it really possible to find and experience one's true essence? Yes. At The One Center we see Essence as the indispensable quality of our unique existence that is a mirror of the One universal life force. Yes, there is multiplicity, but only One divine reality from which all else flows. We hold the belief that without the Essence we would not exist.

Love is the highest vibration on the planet. Love is like the deepest feeling or experience of appreciation. The tasting and experience of Love can move our hearts in ways that words of love cannot come close! The sharing of, the presence of, the giving of, and the embodiment of Love is the foundation for which The One Center Austin is built.