Why Can't I Meditate, Dianne Shelton

Dianne Shelton is an Intuitive Consultant and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, (Trauma/PTSD Healer). -----------------INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA-----------...

An interview and talk by one of the founders of The One Center Austin, Dianne Shelton, about meditation and nervous systems and a little pep talk at the end that everything is working out for us all!

Today is a Love Day, a Gratitude Day, and a Reflection Day! Stronger Together! On behalf of The One Center we want to wish you all an amazing holiday! 🍁💫❤️🙏🏽

Keep moving towards the Light! Look for the helpers, the angels disguised as humans. We will survive, thrive, and shine! #moth #strongwomen #faith #light #loveyourself

If you are too busy trying to keep out so-called negative energies and emotions, you miss out in knowing yourself and your world. #warriorspirit #contrast #sacred #beauty #lovelife