Dianne Shelton, MS, SEP

  • Intuitive Trauma Specialist
  • Dianne offers professional services to individuals and organizations wanting greater awareness and love for a life more fully lived. Dianne is a skilled intuitive and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma/PTSD healer). Dianne offers an energetic and powerful journey that goes beyond anything you have experienced in traditional counseling or life coaching. The heart of Dianne's work is through illuminating, identifying, and awakening YOUR unique gifts so that YOU live an embodied and passionate life. Learn how the mechanics of your nervous system influence your relationships (self, body, community, and world).

Trauma Healing

Need a powerful life hack, especially during this time of great uncertainty? Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a form of healing designed to relieve and resolve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress injury and other mental, physical, and emotional trauma-related health problems by focusing on the client’s sensations (or somatic experiences). The SE approach releases traumatic shock, which is essential to transforming disease and the wounds of trauma by working with the nervous system (flight, fight, or freeze response). SE does not require the traumatized person to re-tell or re-live the traumatic event. Although it may be helpful to talk about past events or symptoms, the primary goal is to allow the body the opportunity to come into alignment. You do not need to tell your story or “relive” the traumatic event unless there is a compelling therapeutic need in the moment. Instead, Dianne will work with patterns and sensations in the body (nervous system), emotions, and mind (thoughts) for bottom-up healing. Want to work with someone who is truly trauma informed? Dianne provides you with an embodied awareness to help you reduce traumatic symptoms and navigate challenging situations and transitions with greater ease and clarity. By working with your brain, nervous system, along with your emotional and mental processes, you can truly change your life.

Intuitive Coaching

What is intuitive coaching? It is a process to uncover the unique gifts found in your life purpose. We work together to awaken and challenge the status quo of your existence and harness the natural expansion of your life to achieve your dreams and goals. This consulting delivers profound results in easy and noticeable ways:

  • Increased well-being (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual)
  • A deeper understanding of your life and life choices
  • Greater clarity and ability to take appropriate action
  • Stress reduction
  • More gratitude and acceptance for "what is"

Coaching sessions are held virtually. The sessions last 1 hour. If you are ready to take that next logical step towards a life more fully lived, reach out to Dianne.


  • Please email Dianne to setup an appointment. Sessions may be held through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or phone.
  • info@somaticmystic.com
  • www.somaticmystic.com