Why does The One Center have Open. Expand. Heal. as its tag line? +

Open. Expand. Heal. represents the journey that all of us go through when discovering our true essence and becoming who we really are as Source sees us.

Open. Opening the Heart.

The One Center believes that the heart and heart area of the human being is the loci of Love and Oneness and thus, Opening the Heart is an essential part of our connecting to all that IS.

Expand. Expanding the Mind.

Expanding the Mind, implies becoming purposeful initiators of our own thoughts and beliefs. As human beings, we will always have thoughts coming through us. However, at The One Center, we teach that each of us is more than just our thought forms. We each have the power and responsibility to determine which of our thoughts become active, and which ones we allow to pass right by without having to activate them.

Heal. Healing the Body.

At The One Center we view the human body as consisting primarily of energy and light. When we have beliefs or strong emotions that are counter to who we really are, we invariably disconnect from, or block the natural flow of, that energy and light.

It follows then, that most illnesses, injuries, or issues are a direct result of some level of separation between an individual and their connection to Source or their energy flow. Therefore, healing occurs when there is a re-integration or aligning with the highest qualities of life, such as Love, Truth, Freedom, Peace, and Compassion.