Do you have to be on a certain spiritual path to participate at The One Center? +

No. The One Center Austin believes that all paths lead to The One, that is, for every human being there is a unique path to God/Source/Allah/Universal Truth. For most of us, at different points in our lives, we split from our path and the reasons for this vary.

The One Center’s goal is to ignite people to their unique path by offering teachings that provide a comprehensive look at, and direction with, the relationship between inner wisdom and outer distraction. We have found that when one is distracted (moving away from their inner wisdom, instinct, or heart) this often leads to thoughts of separation, negative emotions, and pain, which can lead to self-doubt, dis-ease, and an overall lack of motivation and purpose.

Whether you are on an existing path or searching for a path, you will find the teachings at The One Center are a perfect complement to where you are right here, right now.