Transformations and Acceptance

There comes a time in your life where there is nothing else to do: no more discussions; no more doing; no more crying about what should have been or could have been; or no more searching for the right answer. There comes a time for only one thing: accepting the truth. It is a time of surrendering to what is and accepting the reality of the situation. For me, I have found that acceptance typically occurs after a major transformation. Although I have heard amazing stories of people accepting changes before and/or during transformations; it has been in my experience that I typically accept things only after the transformation has passed.

The image that comes to mind is one of being on a river. The river is turbulent, with debris and boulders; swift currents and lots of rapids. I am “busy” trying to stay in my life raft, avoiding the obstacles. The next thing I know, I hear and then see the event horizon of a waterfall. And then…I am in a free fall, plummeting to the bottom. Maybe it is because I am so hard-headed and stubborn, but I don’t accept the reality of the situation until I have nearly drowned (and have been washed upon the banks of the river, downstream from the massive waterfall). And sometimes, even after going over and surviving, I am still in disbelief. Coughing up water, I think to myself: “did I really go over a waterfall”? Truth be told, I will spend the next 6 months talking to someone and asking, “Did I go over a waterfall”? There are all sorts of reasons for not accepting “what is”. Sometimes it is shock. Sometimes it is because I want things to be a certain way. However, I have noticed that the sooner I accept the waterfall, the quicker I am in getting back into my raft and experiencing all the expansion and joy on the river of Life.

Accepting reality and surrendering to transformations takes practice, compassion, and love. Here at The One Center, with your active participation, we help create a container of compassion and love so that we all can walk through our transformations with greater ease and acceptance. If you are interested in learning more about “accepting your waterfalls”, contact us at If you want to go white water rafting with Dianne, send an email to

With love, light and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda