The Contrast of Loss

Living in this created world, we are constantly reminded of the duality of our existence while our guides, masters, and teachers illuminate us that all is one and there is no separation. When we shed our physical existence, whether by actual death, deep spiritual practices, a near death experience, or entering into the medicine space, we instantly know that there is no other existence but The One. And yet, I find when someone crosses back over to non-physical (God, Source, whatever you call the Divine) it takes me a while to re-orient from the apparent loss and focus on the fact that there is no death per se. However, it is little comfort in the moment. The sorrow and grief is sometimes so exquisitely overwhelming that there is little room for metaphysical musings. The teachings of Abraham Hicks mention that the contrast of loss we feel is not because we are missing the actual physical presence of that person. Instead, it is more about how we felt when we were with them; and, it is for this reason that we experience the contrast of their absence so deeply. For example, I still remember how I felt when I was in the presence of a dear friend who has long since passed. To this day, I miss the feeling of being someone’s “sunshine”. And while I probably will not be anyone’s sunshine again, I do strive to surround myself with folks who help me feel uplifted and alive when I am within their presence. This is a gift from the contrast and it is what keeps us ever expanding and seeking “good feelings”.

It is funny how one loss brings to mind other losses. Maybe it is just my nature, but during times of loss I tend to go through an inventory of the bad and good stuff, focusing on keeping my balance sheet more in the good stuff while acknowledging the contrasts of the bad stuff. And when I think of loss, I am not just talking about people or animals crossing over, I am talking about the other losses in life: the loss of a friendship, a job, a dream, or trust in another person to name a few. These losses don’t get discussed much (with the exception of jobs and relationships). In fact until recently, I have never really thought about the little losses; however, these events impact my heart and emotions just as actual deaths. When I reflect using the Abraham Hicks teachings, I liked how I felt when I was manifesting a dream, when I was working for an organization, and when I trusted a particular person. I acknowledge that I feel sorrow when a dream becomes a nightmare, a job is lost, or a friend is no longer trustworthy. Bringing these little losses to light is helpful for the expansion of my soul. Acknowledging the grief allows me the opportunity to clear my heart and re-focus on bringing in more of the good stuff. Without the contrast of loss, I would never truly appreciate the blessings that surround me. Without the darkness, the light wouldn’t be as brilliant. And so it goes, the contrast of loss gives definition and clarity to the intoxicating and unlimited beauty of joy.

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With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda