Quantum Emotions

The quantum physics of emotions…just for a second, ponder the state of your emotional being right now. How do you feel? What do you notice? Where do you feel your emotion? What does your brain/thoughts say about your feeling? How well do you notice your complex emotions? The fabric of a life well lived embraces and embodies the full range of emotional depth. Recent research has found that the more finely tuned you are with your emotional experiences, the better able you are to deal with life. This concept of having finely tuned emotions is known as emotional granularity, which is the ability to identify and articulate your diverse emotions (Lisa Feldman Barrett).

It use to drive me nuts when I would ask a friend (whom I knew was struggling with some life event) how they were doing only to be told “I am awesome.” Really? As if experiencing emotional authenticity is somehow dangerous? Sure, positive thinking and aligning your thought processes towards feeling good is important; however, not at the expense of being human and feeling the depth and complexity of your essential nature. It is like wanting to be a rainbow and experiencing only the color of indigo. Indigo is just one color in the rainbow; it is not the full rainbow. Life is a rainbow of experiences and when we stop and notice our feelings, all of our feelings, something amazing happens…our emotions and quality of life move from black and white to Technicolor. Sometimes this change is instantaneous and sometimes it is over hours; never the less, the emotion and the texture of our life will change. When we deny our emotions, we get fixated in a pattern and sometimes these patterns can be counterproductive. We need our full range of emotions to connect and relate to others; to understand and voice our needs; and to enjoy the sheer beauty of a fully conscious life.

So here is my hypothesis on quantum emotions: Law #1: The state of an emotional system will change over time. Law #2: The observer is in the driver’s seat and by allowing all states to be felt, the emotions will shift. Law #3: The richness of living a life fully lived is FEELING and BEING your authentic self. Law #4: The greater the emotional granularity and articulation, the greater the life.

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With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda