Following Your Soul Purpose (Part 2)

Following your soul takes courage, cajones, and concentration with equal amounts of grit, gratitude, and grace. There is a lot of conversation about finding your passion and living your dream; however, what does that really mean in an age where everything is a side-hustle?

To begin with, let’s be honest: you do not have to quit your day job in order to follow your soul purpose. You can live from your soul purpose and work for the United States Post Office or your local coffee shop or within a Fortune 500 company. Truly, it does not really matter as your soul is eternal and your mind and your beliefs are transient. What you think you should do with your life and what life needs from you might actually be two different things…and this is okay. The longing and yearning to have purpose is inherent to our need to belong to our community, to be loved, and to feel contentment. Humans are wired for compassion and our nature is to do good in this ever-evolving and complex world.

So, if following your soul’s purpose does not necessarily involve changing career paths, how does one achieve the delicate balance of feeling and heeding the call to live with soul? First, it begins with listening to your deepest heart. All too often, we listen to what our family, friends, and society says we should be. Perhaps there is some truth to the reflections of what others see in our life path and perhaps not. You know you are in the area of soul when you feel deep down in your gut that goodness, that wholeness, and that spark to be exactly what your essence is which is who you knew you would always be: YOU! That is correct, YOU are exactly the perfect representation of all the elements of your soul (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). There is no one like you in all the universe. You are uniquely you. What you do (and more importantly, what you do not do), how you live, how you love, and how you engage with others is distinctly your essence. The purpose of your finding your soul’s passion is not to make money, to become famous, or to win trophies (although these things may happen); instead, your soul’s purpose is to be engaged and open to life, to all elements of life as best as you can. The journey of love (all forms of love) and how we interact with one another is the purpose of our soul. At the basis of all souls’ purpose, it is to find and express our joy, contentment, and love is our soul. Some of us come here to heal. Some of us come here to transform. Some of us come here to dazzle. Some of us come here to create. We all come here to love. And this is where it takes courage, grace, cajones, and gratitude to love life and others, including yourself. Where ever you are in your life, whatever your occupation or marital status, your soul purpose is waiting for you.

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With so much unconditional love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda