Following Your Soul Purpose (3-part series)

It was roughly five years ago that I followed my soul calling in a very big and bold way, without questions or hesitations. This particular day marked a turning point in my life and soon after, I had many more, with rapid succession, “soul direction” days. I named these special days “soul direction” because of the intensity, love, and grace in which my life changed in a matter of seconds (and these seconds have a tendency to stretch into eternity). Truth be told, I have had many “soul direction” days throughout my life and beginning in late 2007, the “soul direction” days began to happen with more frequency…but that is another story…

One Friday morning in early March 2012, I sent a text message to my then teacher, Halima, letting her know that I would like to make a donation for the build-out on a place she was hoping to rent for her future school/community center. The following day, we met briefly to discuss the details of this donation; however, the conversation didn’t go exactly as I had planned. And this is where an ordinary Saturday morning became an extraordinary “soul direction” day. As with most of my important watershed moments in my life, right before the conversation switched gears, a funny thing happened: time slowed down (at least in my perception). The room got a little brighter and my body began tingling and buzzing. There was a particular quiet in the room and my sense of smell, seeing, and hearing became clearer almost to the point of superpower ability. I felt a deep sense of calm along with a joyful sense of excitement. I was TUNED IN, TAPPED IN, TURNED ON to use an Abraham Hicks expression.

Instead of discussing details of the donation, Halima asked me if I’d join her in something a bit more permanent and a bit more of a commitment: creating and building The One Center Austin. I felt this deep longing in the very depth of my being and literally, without any thought, my heart leapt from my chest into my mouth and began speaking. Unequivocally and empathetically, I answered “Yes.” I didn’t talk it over with anyone; I didn’t write a list of pros and cons; I didn’t check my bank account; and I didn’t meditate on it. It was like all of my life experiences brought me exactly to this fateful moment. The soulful essence of my existence rose up and spoke, responding to exactly what I was created to do. I truly felt I mattered deeply to all of creation in that moment. It wasn’t rational on any level. It was soulful. The energy that was moving through me was an energy that creates worlds and moves planets. It was pure love for the sake of love moving through my being. It was from this space that I moved to help create and develop this beautiful entity known as The One Center Austin. It has been an amazing 5 years and I am eager for more adventure and more “soul direction” days.

Do you want to live a life more fully expressed from your soul? Contact me for a private appointment and/or join me at The One Center Austin.

With so much unconditional love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda