Crashing, burning, and rising...again and again

Have you noticed how 2016 has been another big year full of deep energetic shifts in ourselves, our relationships, our politics, and our environment? The planetary shifts that began in 2012 and reached full steam in late 2014 are still active right now but in a much more internal and private manner. These major shifts feel intense because we are moving in our collective journey through the Scorpio landscape of death and regeneration and we are being required to dive deep into our inner world. Scorpio asks that we actively heal with courage and self-truth the remaining hurts, regrets, and anger within our hearts. This diving into our inner fires is a must before we rise from our ashes and ascend in the Phoenix flight. These Scorpio intense tectonic changes do not immediately occur until we become accustom to our inner darkness. We are required to have patience and a willingness to lean into the uncomfortable underworld of our existence. Once we acclimate to our dark interior, we then must be brave and honest about our feelings and take 100% responsibility for these feelings without closing our hearts or withholding the love. While navigating these deep waters, people may question your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings; however, know that no one has the right to question your feelings. Your feelings are yours alone. And, as you might suspect, Scorpio energy is not about the fluffy feels. Instead, we are talking about feelings typically not spoken in polite company. Feelings of betrayal, hatred, humiliation, anguish, rage, loneliness, sorrow, abandonment, and bitterness just to name a few. For Scorpio, the more visceral, raw, and gritty the feeling, the better.

While a trip through Scorpio may have us gnashing our teeth in our proverbial hell, there is a way to ascend and transcend in the great flight of regeneration and transformation. The path towards our ascension is through forgiveness and self-love. All forgiveness and love begins with ourselves. We can have forgiveness for our thoughts that became behaviors and eventually patterns. We can strive to love all the parts of our existence and accept that we all have a share in the complex exchange of feelings and love. No one is perfect and understand that perfection is not the goal. Instead, our destiny lies in the focused movement of expansion. It feels good to make progress in our personal evolution and continued manifestation of our unique existence. The myth of the Phoenix is the gift of the searing Scorpio descent. We rise from our personal ashes not the wounded healer but instead the inspired healer. This is one of the gracious gifts from these amazing energetic shifts beginning a few years ago and culminating in this powerful seasonal journey through Scorpio.

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With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda