Conscious Embodiment

As you read these words, who and what is doing the reading, the understanding of these printed words? Now, think about this: our consciousness is embedded in our physical bodies and our bodies hold the key to understanding our unique spirituality. When we meditate, dream, or go on a medicine journey, we are not “out there” in the ether; instead, we are “inside” the deep space of our incredible brain. And, it is not just our brain holding our consciousness. Our brain is also connected to our heart and our gut via the vagus nerve. All of these actual physical parts serve a very universal and special role in our spiritual awakening. The point of calming the mind, lessening the intrusive thoughts is not to leave the body. Instead, we want to have “clear mind, strong heart”, remaining fully in the body, while exploring the vast richness of our existence. Our life stories (our careers, relationships, journeys) serve as a backdrop to our ever-changing, ever-evolving awakening.

So, here’s a simple life hack towards enlightenment: Feel your body and then feel your unique consciousness streaming through your cells.

Interested in learning more about conscious embodiment? Contact me for a private appointment or join me in 3-part series this October at The One Center Austin.

With love, light, and unlimited joy,

Dianne Hamda