ATX I Love You! The One Circle is back! We will be gathering tomorrow night at 7:00 pm for a low key, re-entry, deep vibe of chants, drums, and bowls. Bring your bright and sparkly souls and whatever feisty baggage ya got + a yoga mat and we will rendezvous with Spirit! Everyone is welcome! We'll open the doors at 6:40 pm and be wrapped up n'luv by 8:30 pm. Leave your shoes at the door and drop $10 on your way in! We'll see you tomorrow night! ☝🏽🌻💫

Thank you to Yemi at BioSweep who gave The One Center an amazing bath this morning! Wow! I don't think our carpets have ever been this clean! We had one spot in our hallway that wouldn't disappear for almost two years and yet, BAM 💥 it's spotless now! Thank you Isaiah and Kerry for the referral!